Postgenomic Wedding Bands
Parametric design and fabrication

These rings transmute and externalize the informatic structure of otherwise internalized human biomatter onto a bodily accessory.  Deploying parametric techniques developed for the “neo-cairns” and “post-mordial” projects, a pair of crypto-architectonic wedding bands encrypt the opening sequence of the gene for oxytocin (OXT) production, the neurotransmitter commonly referred to as the “love hormone” and associated with feelings of empathy, trust, and arousal.

Adapting the double-helix structure of DNA, where each nucleobase is paired in a spiraling ladder (adenine [A] with thymine [T], and guanine [G] with cytosine [C]), each ring embodies the complementary helical strand of the other.  In order to formally encode this information, the “genetic compass” adopts a ubiquitous anthro-tectonic conducive to quadripartite logic, the orthogonal intersection, found in: Paleolithic art, religious symbolism, arithmetic notation, abstract cartesian geometry, physical geospatial description, architectural construction, and more. 

As artifacts of being, these wedding bands are expressions of human techne, culture, and ritual.  Channeling a Frankl-ian perspective, they privilege meaning over aesthetics, going so far as to aestheticize meaning

Please feel free to inquire for more information, including for custom orders.  

Physical media: 3D-printed wax-cast polished brass


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